Mato Serrão



Located in Mato Serrão, Carvoeiro, we developed a garden where the idea was to reproduce the natural chaos that deliberately disorganised planting can create.

The aim was clear: to recreate the colours, volumes and textures of Mediterranean meadows and woods on a small scale. The use of hardwood trees such as olive trees and cork oak trees, as well as stone pine trees, reinforced that strategy.

Although apparently chaotic, the aim was for these garden areas to be criss-crossed by paths and access routes, clearly marked out in broken straight-line segments, in an evident allusion to the contemporary, minimalist architecture of the house

These will be brought to life in typically Portuguese paving, whose light colour stands out from the dark bark chippings that can be found around all the plants.

Of note is the ornamental cork oak, duly isolated in a circular flower bed at the entrance to the house, like a visiting card.