Casa Blanca



Located in Vale de Milho, Carvoeiro, the plan for this garden, which is around 700 m², was to have contemporary lines that would somehow accompany the modern, minimalist architecture of the house.

The inclusion of inert materials here and there in the interior of the garden, whether low white walls or in the use of gravel or stone slabs, creates a solid symbiosis between the house and the garden; they complement each other so well that it becomes impossible to imagine the existence of one without the other.

Although medium in size, there was a clear aim to be able to combine different uses, for different times of the day.

While walking through the garden around the house, we come across different colours, textures, volumes and spaces, with areas for resting and relaxing, which include a natural grassy area going from the swimming pool to a small orchard.

In this respect, the role of typically Mediterranean vegetation was decisive in assuring smooth transitions and complete harmony of the whole.