Jardíssimo is proud of its wide experience in the maintenance of several parks and gardens in the Algarve. Our clients include Municipal Councils, Hospitals, Hotels, Luxury Condominiums and Private Residences.

We have specialised staff, who undergo constant training, in the various areas needed for garden maintenance.

Specialists in irrigation, plant health treatments, pruning, weeding and lawn treatment and mowing.

We ensure that each garden evolves according to its identity, focusing on the dedication, professionalism and commitment of our staff.

We seek to understand the needs and expectations of our clients so that they are always satisfied with our work and know they can rely on us.

Our garden maintenance teams can carry out a variety of services, such as:

– Pest, disease and weed control

– Pruning trees and shrubs

– Maintenance and repair of irrigation systems

– Lawn and grass maintenance

– Composting and fertilisation

– Treatment to prevent the appearance of the Pine Processionary Moth

We also have a team for occasional work, such as:

– Garden diagnosis and restoration

– Cutting down trees

– Clearing and cleaning land

– Immediate response to urgent work

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