How to build a Mediterranean Style Garden?


A Mediterranean garden

A Mediterranean garden Shades of terracotta, clay pots, a water feature, and a combination of different plants characterize the identity of Mediterranean gardens.

These compositions have always been present in our minds. We are easily taken back to a film or a book, where lone olive trees in harmony with lavender are the highlights of the countryside… simply beautiful. This beauty, considered to be more rustic and unusual, gives this style of garden decoration unmatched singularity and beauty. Reflecting a way of life more than aesthetic beauty, a simple position, yet filled with character.

Having developed from the coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea, with Roman inspiration, these gardens are adapted to the climate of the Mediterranean Sea. However, the essence of this style of garden can be captured in other climates. Thousands of Mediterranean plants thrive in colder climates, with the added benefit of not needing much maintenance.

How to create a Mediterranean Style Garden

The mixture of plants, the disorganised layout and all the different smells, colours, flowers and textures characterise gardens like this and they can co-exist harmoniously and inspirationally.

A Mediterranean garden is not a modern style, so it’s important to use materials such as wood, stone and clay. Shades of terracotta, cream and other natural hues are the basic colours for gardens in this style, but other colours can be introduced slowly, through the use of tiles to add more character and perhaps some Arabic influence.

Although these gardens appear to be simple, they require detailed, concrete planning. Depending on the size of the garden, it can be divided up into specific areas and the plants and decorative elements to be used for each one of these spaces are then selected.

Areas for get-togethers, eating, resting and contemplation are essential. Mediterranean gardens are places for relaxing, chatting and enjoying happy times with friends and family.

Apart from vegetation and simple ornaments, a Mediterranean garden is made up of feelings and sensations, of happiness above all.

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