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A garden is an extension of your home and personality, a connection to nature, a comfort for the soul, a unique space. We would like you to join us on this journey..

A garden is an extension of your home and personality, a connection to nature, a comfort for the soul, a unique space.

In this article and the ones to follow, we will rediscover the essence of a garden, its origins and its particularities. We will also share inspiring references for plant admirers, nature lovers and gardeners.

The “backbone” of a garden

What comes to mind when we think of a garden? Colours, vegetation, shadows, freshness. It is for their sensory components that we create them. But for this visible part to become possible, there is a structural base, invisible to the eyes of those who enjoy it, absolutely determinant that should not be neglected. At Jardíssimo, we consider that this base consists essentially of two elements: the topsoil and the irrigation system.

Topsoil (not to be confused with what exists in nature) is, in general, the element of greatest abundance in a garden. It performs functions in terms of the mechanical support of the plants to be applied, the absorption and retention of water / moisture and nutrients, being also responsible for mediating the gas exchange between the root system of plants and atmospheric air. It is in the proportions of the elements which constitute this soil that its greater or lesser quality is based, also determining its texture and pH. Topsoil should be light and easy to manoeuvre and have balanced organic matter content, so as not to make the mixture too acidic or basic – the overwhelming majority of nutrients are only available to plants at a pH close to neutral (6.5 to 7.5).

The choice of low quality topsoil, or unbalanced in its composition, can dictate the death of a garden in the medium / long term.

The irrigation / irrigation system encompasses all the elements that pump, conduct and control the water that will reach the vegetation cover. Its complexity is variable, but of unquestionable importance: no garden survives without water, and this, being a finite resource, must be well directed, rationed and used in a sustainable way. At Jardíssimo we work with fully automated irrigation systems adaptable to the seasons (and variations within these). The efficient management of natural resources is the order of the day, so working with the best technology to assist us in this delicate task is a must.

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