Our construction teams have extensive experience and constant training ensures the quality of each one of our projects. The landscape architecture department and the construction department develop a work plan, with the project, the quote and our partners in mind.

We have multidisciplinary teams capable of providing a variety of services, such as:

– Installing sophisticated, well-scaled irrigation systems meeting the needs of all the species in the garden, ensuring there is no waste or shortage of water.

– The construction of wooden equipment, lakes, lighting systems, walls around the outside of the garden, focusing always on the quality of the material and counting on the dynamics, commitment and professionalism of the entire team.

– Modelling, earthmoving and soil enrichment using an organic compound and topsoil.

– Salinity monitoring on borehole water and, if there are high levels of salinity, adjusting the types of plants.

– Building games fields on artificial grass or beaten earth.
In a market like the Algarve, subject to short deadlines where speed and quality are required, we ensure that our projects meet these requirements, with all the heavy machinery needed for the work we propose at our disposal.

Through our many years of experience, we have come across materials that allow for better finishes, such as graded pebbles and pine bark, separation profiles, high quality grass and plants carefully chosen in Portugal or abroad.

We want the final result to be resistant, long-lasting and in line with the desires of our clients.

Irrigation Systems

Infrastructures Construction

Lighting Systems

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